25 May, 2009

Ukraine – Sleeping Beauty

Hello world! I am a guy from Ukraine and a patriot of my country. I was frustrated to realize that many of you guys now nothing or quite a little about Ukraine. Many of you think Ukraine is a part of Russia, others believe that Ukraine is a very poor country inhabited by wild, illiterate people who do not know what laundry washer or microwave oven is. That’s not true, believe me. Of course Ukraine is legging behind the most of European countries in economical development, but we are far from being that wild as some of you guys may think.

I want to share some interesting facts about Ukraine. I wish to awake your interest in my country. I want you to have desire to travel to Ukraine and see with your own eyes how beautiful the country is and how nice and welcoming Ukrainian people are.

I am not a big writer but nevertheless I’ll try to reveal some good and some not very good thing about Ukraine. I am going to create a kind of a travel guide. Our country needs tourists very badly as we want to develop a positive image of Ukraine and reveal its beauty to the world. Ukraine is Sleeping Beauty needing a kiss to wake up and shine with her charms.

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