31 May, 2009

Ukraine: Beginning a New Life

You may wonder why I should write about such sad things in the Ukraine Travel Guide. Well I just want to show you what Ukraine went through before its independence. I want to make it clear why Ukraine is still legging behind most European countries with respect to economy. In my humble opinion we have chosen a wrong way of development, or it would be better to say that this way of development was imposed on Ukraine. The war and totalitarianism badly affected Ukraine. I must admit that there were a lot of good thing about USSR (discipline, effective mobilization and cooperation of people). But the worst thing that people were deprived of individual freedom and some civic rights and absence of the healthy competition because of total control of economy by the government did not teach people how to run business and establish effective market relations which I believe are the only way for positive economy development. The Iron Curtain being brought down, Ukraine has to begin its life from scratch in new market conditions. Our only hope is new generation of enthusiastic and energetic people who will take over control over the country soon. Hopingly, they will manage to destroy those soviet residues of corruption and sluggishness of business. We hope to develop knowledge about what good services and fair business are. Ukraine has learnt a good lesson and the mistakes are unlikely to be repeated. We need to feel support from other countries; we need to be recognized by the world as a reliable and developed country. We do not want to be associated with Russia as Ukraine is individual country although it has much in common with Russia. So come visit Ukraine, a beautiful country with beautiful people, a land soaked with blood and tears which has survived through enormous grieves and thus highly values piece, kindness, friendship and hospitality. Welcome to Ukraine!

There are a lot more things about Ukraine I am going to tell you in my future Ukraine Travel Guide posts. Please, stay in touch and you will be surprised.

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