22 June, 2009

Ukrainian Songs You May Like

For the time being, unfortunately, I have not a lot of time to create posts for my Ukraine blog. Nevertheless this time I want to share with you some very beautiful Ukrainian songs which I like very much.

Ukrainian language is said to be second beautiful language in the world (Italian being the first one). This language is often called a “nightingale’s language”. This language seems to be created for songs. Ukrainian songs (especially folk songs) are extremely popular also in Russia and other former USSR countries. Unfortunately Ukrainian songs and beautiful Ukrainian language are still undiscovered in the most parts of the world. That’s why I would like to introduce here a few songs in Ukrainian to show you the soul of Ukrainian people. You may not understand a single word in these Ukrainian songs, you should just listen how beautiful and melodic is the language. I will mostly use Youtube video here and this post is likely to be expanded in the future. Hope you will enjoy these beautiful Ukrainian songs. I would recommend you to listen to all these songs, they are very cool and worth listening.

Some merry Ukrainian songs

Sad but extremely beautiful Ukrainian songs

What about some Ukrainian rock?

Funny folk Ukrainian song performed by popular singers


vaira said...

Спасибо,земляк!Побольше бы таких блогов!Заглядывай изредка,если интересуешься заработками,взгляни на мой блог,за год в интернете
кое-чему научилась.

yanji said...

Lovely blog and music. I like World Music and learning songs from different countries.